This is the fourth post in our blog series about the unique benefits in-housing partners bring to marketing and XD organizations. As strategic sourcing plays a more critical role in the sustained success of CX initiatives and broader business growth, 除增加员工外,住房合作伙伴已成为另一种类型, 现场机构团队, 还有传统的营销咨询公司.

“The proliferation of digital media creates exciting new opportunities to engage with consumers, 但也非常复杂. Marketers know they must offer an integrated brand experience across both traditional media and the fast-changing ecosystem of digital devices and channels that their customers use.”

– McKinsey & Co1

Managing the 客户体验 is one of the hardest things that a marketer needs to think about in today’s complex, multi-touchpoint世界.

而不是完全依靠自己来应对这些挑战, most brands turn to an outside partner for help – including traditional agencies, 员工增加公司, consultancies and other resources who may provide on-site and other ‘collocated solutions.’

While each of these resources can have a role to play in a company’s resourcing strategy, in-housing partners are uniquely positioned to deliver added value and benefits to CMOs and their marketing organizations.

This blog series has aimed to provide marketing leaders with a deeper look into those unique benefits. Part One 本系列的讨论如何ihp - 内部合作伙伴, outside firms who build and manage embedded teams and bespoke in-house solutions for clients – offer CMOs a vital new “hybrid” alternative to the traditional agency-or-internal-staff option. Part Two explored how the unique “embedded” model of IHPs empowers them to deliver greater sustained impact and value for clients through optimization and continuous improvement of their marketing and XD operations. And Part Three 强调了ihp提供透明度的能力, 对客户体验的掌握, 和品牌定位.

This post takes a look at how in-housing partners are unique among marketing services firms in giving CMOs 高度定制的 solutions with the flexibility, scalability, and 专业的专业知识 它们需要推动增长和转型.


Marketing consultancies and traditional agencies have a tendency to define a proprietary approach – and then drive clients through this model to reach a set of desired results. 这对许多品牌来说都是可行的, but those in the throes of growth and transformation need a model that is more malleable and tailored to its unique position and needs.

住在住房内的伙伴则从另一个方向处理这种情况, leveraging their operational expertise to build marketing solutions matched to the specific circumstances of each client. They work collaboratively with the marketing leaders to design a custom solution, delivery model, and team that optimally suits their landscape and fills key gaps in expertise and executional horsepower.

Typically, the options available to clients are nearly unlimited – and far beyond the nature, scope, 以及员工增加公司的复杂性.

内部合作伙伴可以, for instance, develop and manage a fully bespoke agency to execute on programs across all of a brand’s digital channels, 内容平台, 有创意的项目, 和战略举措. Alternatively, such an agency may be tasked to design a dedicated team to support a single channel (e.g., 管理客户的邮件营销或社交媒体), 一个特定的项目, 或者一组集中的托管服务,比如视频制作, UX research, 或三维动画.

另一个常见的解决方案是创意工作室或卓越中心, where in-house partners deploy a centralized team to meet the ongoing needs (e.g., content production) of various stakeholders across multiple departments and divisions. Any of the above solutions can be easily scaled and modified as a client’s needs evolve with time (e.g., 以满足季节性需求, 支持增加的数字功能, 或推动业务发展的新阶段).

In short, in-housing partners provide access to a future-proofed set of capabilities that nurtures the client’s own internal growth and maturity.


一旦设计和建造, today’s resourcing solutions require an extra measure of agility: faced with an increasingly dynamic and often uncharted transformation journey, CMOs need to quickly and effectively adapt to whatever changes might come their way.

Some of these changes are driven by the vagaries of the market – seasonal fluctuations for example, or broader economic conditions that may bring financial pressure or require strategic realignments. Others are driven by advancements in martech and data platforms or related shifts across channels and customer habits.

Still, 其他的则是基于每个接触点约定的复杂性, and the many ever-changing variables involved with delivering a connected 客户体验 for products and services of different value, 使用的长度, 差异化竞争优势, etc.

In short, 即使是最好的CX程序也在不断地学习, tuning and improving their strategies and tactics – and will never stop optimizing. 没有多少外部机构能够迅速适应这些变化.

“Many client organizations are adopting agility training as a means to transform their business, 尽管jdb电子游戏看到越来越少的机构遵循这种速度和灵活性的指引。”

- MediaLink和WARC2

随着客户改变他们自己的内部能力, the need has arisen for agencies and consultancies to adopt an even more flexible model – one that allows the brand to shift the volume, type, 或者,它获得支持的速度与短期市场相匹配, personnel, 或能力变化(e.g., 以满足季节性需求, 支持增加的数字功能, 或推动业务发展的新阶段).

The traditional agency model is often too rigid to match this need in a cost-efficient manner; and parsing “overflow work” out to a consultancy is not as simple as it sounds – just packaging up the request can cost valuable time and disrupt well-oiled internal workflows.

“Many clients and brands are going through transformations in their business, because they want creativity in their walls and see it as a fundamental part of business success. 而且他们没钱按照老的机构时间表工作.”

- MediaLink和WARC3

Meanwhile, the unique capabilities and operating model of IHPs enable the best of them to support CMOs with a high degree of “flexpertise” – the ability to swiftly deploy an embedded solution of nearly any configuration, and to rapidly grow or adjust that solution to match new business dynamics, 利用新技术投资, 或者升级新的CX策略.

This high degree of dexterity is fueled by more than just agile teams of veteran digital specialists. 肛带过程, infrastructure, and service delivery models that are also designed to scale and adapt with change – operational flexibility other collated partners can’t match. 项目管理, 项目管理, 账户管理, 还可以添加其他参与功能, dropped, 或者根据需要进行重组. Solutions and their supporting processes can be quickly re-designed to optimize for new conditions.

Traditional agencies may be able to build a dedicated team for their client. But few if any have the operational capabilities to rapidly stand up a second or third team (and its supporting infrastructure) when needed, 在其他市场上复制这个团队, 或者吸收这些团队的任何快速增减规模.

他们也不能改变交付服务模式- e.g.,在完全外判、管理服务、谘询合约等之间. ——随着客户需求的变化.

通过他们独特的敏捷性, in-housing partners help clients overcome barriers to adoption by de-risking the upfront investment against an uncertain future, 有效分配控制和责任, and supporting rapid business transformation as circumstances change over time.


Of course, bespoke solutions and agile services won’t drive digital transformation if they don’t fuel that innovation with world-class know-how and highly 专业的专业知识. 无论他们的伴侣, CMOs最终需要最高的速度, quality, impact, 和独创性驱动卓越的客户体验. 正如麦肯锡指出, “this means, for instance, 擅长使用数据的内容制作人和体验设计师, and data-driven marketers who are willing to think outside the box and move closer to consumers.”4

Finding, recruiting and retaining that talent is a huge challenge for any company (one that we will discuss more in our next post – and that we have also detailed previously in this blog). Again, this challenge compels CMOs to engage partners for support; and again, 这就是居家合作伙伴与人力资源公司的区别所在, 现场机构, consultancies, 以及其他“配置的”资源.

That’s not to say that quite a few of these other resources can’t also claim to hold highly skilled and specialized digital expertise within their walls. But so do in-housing partners – some of whom have lengthy portfolios of groundbreaking work with visionary brands.

It’s not enough, however, to simply deploy digital talent on-site with a client. Teams must possess distinct abilities and acumen to work embedded within a client’s distinct organization and culture, 与自己的人员和流程集成.

以确保成功, 内部合伙人(最好的合伙人), at least) design and invest heavily in people-ops practices in ways traditional agencies and consultancies don’t – because they typically don’t have to. IHPs将这些努力集中在专业招聘上, coaching, career pathing, 福利管理, and employee engagement practices – and foster lasting relationships with the digital specialist communities in the markets they serve.


  • 持续的专业知识: In-housing partners build solutions for long-term, often indefinite engagements. As such, 他们不会和a队一起销售,和b队一起服务,’ or pull skilled specialists in the middle of an engagement to service the next big client.
  • 更强的创造力、足智多谋和适应性: 因为他们专门招聘嵌入式团队解决方案, IHPs uniquely prioritize these ‘soft skills’ – which happen to be the three most important skill gaps identified by marketing leaders in Gartner’s Organization Capabilities Survey.
  • 支持你独特的公司文化: Similarly, in-housing partners must bring a depth and deftness of respect for each client’s unique culture of innovation. Practices that bring high EQ to each engagement team – to ensure the enduring maintenance and cultivation of that culture – is a key priority unique to the best IHPs.
  • 更多的帮助,在你需要的时候: 通过与数字专家社区的深入和持续的接触, IHPs are more able to bring new or additional expertise to existing client teams. Most 现场机构 use the same process to recruit for client teams that they use for standard FTEs – which can be quite lengthy given the strong industry demand for digital expertise.

Again, any outside marketing partner can possess a high level of digital expertise; IHPs have no special monopoly. But the benefits listed above are just a few of the unique strengths in-housing partners can deliver for clients alongside that expertise.

在一天结束时, in-housing partners help companies reduce the risk of their strategic sourcing investment in pursuit of digital transformation around the connected 客户体验. 它们使客户能够以合适的规模快速提升功能, 适合的解决方案, 随着时间的推移,利用敏捷性和伸缩性优化解决方案, and ensure performance is truly aligned with growth ambitions as programs and processes mature.

“兑现这一承诺需要一种全新的运营方式. Marketing departments need to be rewired for speed, collaboration, and customer focus. 这与改变无关 what 而市场营销更多的是关于转变 how the work is done. 根据jdb电子游戏所见过的成功案例, we estimate that making this change can unlock 5 to 15 percent of additional growth and trim 10 to 30 percent of marketing costs.”

– McKinsey & Co5



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